When is a barn find not a barn find?

OK, so we've all heard the phrase barn find right?

The 'unicorn' that we thought was long gone, somehow now appears (usually eBay or Facebook) in a farmer's barn after 30 years under chicken poo.

Does that make it valueable?


Does that make it rare?


Does that mean that the scrap man that paid an old dear £50 to take it away mean it is justified him asking £5000 after giving it a clean with a jet washer at the nearest garage?

Think about it, other than Forza, where are all these barns eh?

They don't exist!

These aren't barn finds. They're garage finds, drive finds, field finds, outhouse finds.

Barn find shouldn't add 200% to the price of the car just because it has not been used for many years. 

Recently we have sold (on behalf of the owner) an MGB GT and a Triumph TR7 convertible.

Both have been stored 10+ years, in an industrial unit, unused and left as investments.

But time isn't kind to certain models, and these two were not brilliant to start with.

Did we ask £5000 each as they were 'barn finds?'


We assessed the market, the desirability, availability and the restoration costs of the vehicles.

Each were sold as is, as non runners for £650 a piece. A fair price for the buyer, the seller and us.

We have more modern classics (and some a little older) to sell for the same client-BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes mainly. Follow the page for details when they become available.

We buy and sell all sorts of finds, but please don't expect we will pay more if it's covered in dust, poop or feathers. Barn or not, we will be interested.