Audi B2 coupe quattro for restoration, why not use it?

Recently acquired this 1986 Audi B2 coupe quattro 2.2.

The last owner had this Audi quattro for at least 18 years.

Having had a full service including cam belt ( it's in the service book!)

the owner decided to clean the engine and proceeded to remove the cam cover, belt cover and belt. 

He then left it in his garage!

Why oh why have such a car and not use it?

The interior looks well cared for. The headlights still clear and bright. The boot spoiler looks new!

See the photos in our products, all parts are still with the car.

We can supply it as is or with a gti engineering RS2.4 engine rated at 190 bhp, but with the additional supercharger (from an MR2!) it will be nearer 240 bhp. We also have a ur quattro intercooler that would work well with this.

A similar story can be told about the 16 valve coupe we are currently breaking ( the engine may be fitted to a touring car soon!).

Again, the owner spent time and money replacing parts only to leave it in his garage for 4 years.

It came to us running and complete. Better used for spares as road worthy cars can be purchased for such sums it isn't worth repairing this one.